In questa pagina si forniscono alcuni materiali di studio e di consultazione utili per la redazione del progetto individuale per il corso di Calcolo Parallelo e Distribuitoi, a.a. 2005/2006


Materiale di riferimento


Elementi di analisi del problema

Trasparenze lezione


Librerie Python


The Python Macromolecular Library (mmLib) is a software toolkit and library of routines for the analysis and manipulation of macromolecular structural models, implemented in the Python programming language. It is accessed via a layered, object-oriented application programming interface, and provides a range of useful software components for parsing mmCIF, and PDB files, a library of atomic elements and monomers, an object-oriented data structure describing biological macromolecules, and an OpenGL molecular viewer.

Protein Data Bank


The RCSB PDB provides a variety of tools and resources for studying the structures of biological macromolecules and their relationships to sequence, function, and disease.